Old Town Residents' Association
Serving Takoma Park's Philadelphia-Eastern Neighborhood

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It is the purpose of OLD TOWN RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION (OTRA) to facilitate discussion and communication about neighborhood issues among residents and between the neighborhood and the City of Takoma Park. -- OTRA's mission statement

OTRA Constitution, adopted October 24, 2004.

OTRA officers elected December 8, 2008, serving one-year terms (president and VP) and three-year terms (Secretary and Treasurer), are:

  • Past President: Seth Grimes (term expired end 2009)
  • Past Vice President: Chantal Worzala (term expired end 2009)
  • Secretary: Miriam Szapiro and Ray Scannell
  • Interim Treasurer: Dick O'Connor
  • Founding President: Wolfgang Mergner
The terms of the treasurer and secretary are three years through the end of 2011.

Past, founding officers are Wolfgang Mergner, president; Steve Shapiro, vice president; and Dick O'Connor, treasurer.

What you like to take on revitalizing OTRA (or help)? Please contact Seth at 301-891-2581 or grimes (at) altaplana.com.