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Old Town is the name, dating back many decades, for the section of Takoma Park that is bounded by the District of Columbia, Piney Branch Avenue, Philadelphia Avenue, Carroll Avenue and Laurel Avenue: the Philadelphia Eastern Neighborhood (PEN) plus a bit on the edges. PEN residents have carried out many community-building activities via the PEN Exchange, but the neighborhood had not had an advocacy organization in many years. Residents founded OTRA in 2003 to be that group: to identify neighborhood issues, seek out residents' views, help the city government reach out to residents, and act as an intermediary when needed with the city and other neighborhood associations.

OTRA is a volunteer organization, and membership is open to everyone who lives in Old Town. We meet monthly at the home of one of our members or at the Takoma Park Community Center, and we organize or co-sponsor occasional community activities. Meeting are public, open to members and non-members alike. To join and vote, you must pay annual membership dues. To join, contact us or attend a meeting.

OTRA is currently inactive (since 2010). If you would like to help revive the organization, please contact Seth Grimes, grimes (at) altaplana.com.

If you're a neighborhood resident, please join OTRA using our handy membership form and also join our e-mail list by sending a message to TakOTRA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.